Flexsolate perfected the world's first grip free technology for the fitness and the body building industry more than three years ago, with the creation of our GRIP FREE CUFF. This product is regarded as the most efficient way to help isolate, tone, and build muscle.

The Flexsolate grip-free cuffs can eliminate gripping from all upper body exercises. Using the most up-to-date SEMG laboratory testing at the North Idaho Bio-Performance Institute of Northern Idaho Physical Therapy, Flexsolate has proven when you eliminate the grip from your exercise you can expect an increase in muscle stimulation of up to 400% in the targeted muscle.

For example, when exercising the back or shoulders, one requires as much nerve activity as possible in those particular areas in order for those muscles to work efficiently and effectively during exercise. This helps create more developmental strength. When you grip a handle, your hands and forearms will rob the targeted muscle of the energy needed for stimulation and growth. Over-gripping can also be a contributing factor to tendonitis in the hands, elbows, and shoulders, not to mention other health related problems that can occur including dangerous spikes in heart and blood pressure.

With the Flexsolate grip-free technology, you can work out faster and more efficiently then ever before while performing your movements naturally, the way the body was meant to move. Having the ability to use your hands independently of one another eliminates potential injuries that can occur when exercising in a fixed position.

The Flexsolate technology is so perfect, it is now being used in many other industries as well! Flexsolate technology is the most perfect technology for exercising there is. Period!