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Just Let Go & See Results

The Flexsolate Grip-Free Cuff has revolutionized the exercise and fitness industries! Until now, weightlifting and exercise have always been done by gripping a bar, weight, or handle.  No More!  When you grip a device, you use your hands, wrist, arms, and shoulders in an attempt to fatigue a specific muscle or muscle group.  Your secondary muscles in your hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders will fatigue long before the primary muscles you are seeking to isolate, making your exercise ineffective at best.  That is why Grip-Free Exercise offers 2-4 times the muscle activity with every lift.  There is nothing else on the market today that has the testing and proof to back this up BUT Flexsolate!

See what “The Big Guy” has to say…
Now, through the development and testing of the Flexsolate Grip-Free Cuff, we have realized the gripping approach to exercise actually detracts from the isolation process we are seeking to achieve.
The Flexsolate Grip-Free Cuff will let you feel the difference the first time you use it. It is safe for everyone from 10 to 100 as it eliminates the threats to joints and tendons that normally occur when gripping in a fixed position.
You won’t believe the difference Flexsolate will make in your workouts!

How to Affix Cuff?


The grip can change when doing different exercises.  Be sure to look at the flip chart to see which grip goes with each exercise.

Why Flexsolate™?

  • What do experts say?

    With the Flexsolate grip-free technology, you can work out faster and more efficiently then ever before while performing your movements naturally, the way the body was meant to move.

  • Grip Free Technology

    Having the ability to use your hands independently of one another eliminates potential injuries that can occur when exercising in a fixed position. This reduces injury to tendons and joints.

One more reason…

Flexsolate Grip-Free Cuffs! Tested and proven!

Working out with the Flexsolate™ Grip-Free isolation System will help you accomplish your goals like nothing else on the market today. The secret lies in Flexsolate’s ability to isolate the targeted muscles you are seeking to work while minimizing the use of secondary muscles during exercise. Now you can tone up, build muscle, and stay fit in less time than ever before!

A word from Former Mr. Universe

“I found these straps improve my form as well as the ability to isolate. I feel traditional gripping takes away 25 percent of the ability to directly isolate the muscle(s) you train because the secondary muscles will always be the first to fatigue.”


Former Mr. Universe

quite a bit more affordable than your competition…

“I used the straps for the first time yesterday, for some shoulder shrugs, and I was very [very] pleased with how they felt and worked.  In the past year I have tried a number of different types and even recently purchased the Hold-Ons brand with the metal hooks attempting to take the stress off of my elbows, esp. when doing heavy weight dumbbell shoulder exercises, but I think the simplicity and comfort of your straps are by far preferable, and quite a bit more affordable than your competition.  I could see a lot of people eyeballing the straps as they saw me using them last evening.  I am certain that I could be a spokesperson for my local gym with your product.  I have already fielded a good many questions and comments about my Hold-On hooks, which I also just started using in the past couple of weeks, but I think the Flexsolate straps will soon become my exclusive workout companions. Thanks again for the information.  I am relieved that there is little risk that I can lift something that will damage the straps or risk a mishap. Much appreciated, esp. coming from the president of the company!”


Your Company Rocks…

“My new cuffs were waiting for me when I got home last night! FedEx Express! Thank you SO much! Your company ROCKS!! Do you mind if I post this great experience on my FastTracktoFatLoss Blog? Give a shout out to your excellent customer service? I am LOVING the GIAB! People on FT kept telling me how terrific it is, and they were right! I’ve been doing Kim’s workout with the bar this week and I really feel it! Thanks again, and have a great day!”


Which size should you order? When ordering, order one size smaller than your normal glove size. Example: if you wear a large glove, you would order a medium grip-free cuff. If you wear a medium glove, you would order a small grip-free cuff, etc.

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