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Total body workout at home, office, outdoors, and on the go!

Want to workout anywhere?

No Problem

The Gym In A Bag is the only Grip-Free workout system in the world today.  It has everything you need to do a complete full body workout.  Included with the Bag is a flip chart with 39 exercises along with instructional videos below.

Just throw it over your shoulder and GO…

Used by professional athletes, moms, children, seniors,
business professionals, teens, bodybuilders, sport and fitness enthusiasts

Build Muscle, Tone, Firm Quicker and Safer

The only total body workout that isolates each targeted muscle for ultimate tone and development.

 Included with each Gym In a Bag:

Why Gym in a Bag?

  • What do experts say?

    With the Gym in a Bag, you can work out anywhere all while having access to all exercises you would do in the Gym. Convenient and effective workouts ANYWHERE!

  • Grip Free Technology

    Flexsolate’s Patented Grip Free Technology givs you the ability to use your hands independently of one another eliminates potential injuries that can occur when exercising in a fixed position. This reduces injury to tendons and joints.

  • 400% More Effective Workout

    With the Gym in a Bag, muscles are isolated and targeted with resistance bands. Gym in a Bag also includes Flexsolate Cuffs, which increase workout efficiency by 400%! 

How to Affix Cuff?

Discover 400% More Effective Workouts

The grip can change when doing different exercises.  Be sure to look at the flip chart to see which grip goes with each exercise.

Flexsolate™ Patented Grip Free Technology – Increase workouts by 400%

One more reason…


The resistance of our bands in poundage is measured after looping the bands through the door or wall anchor and having the band sit equally on either side. Once equal, as you stand away from the anchor, extend your hands until the band begins to pull. From that point on, every 2 feet of resistance will equal the amount of poundage listed below.

Remember, you can attach one, two, three, or four bands and step further away from the anchor, to increase resistance to over 200 pounds.

Worth Every Penny…

“GYM IN A BAG IS WORTH EVERY PENNY! I am a 3-time WABDL World Bench Press Champion and currently have 5 WORLD BENCH PRESS RECORDS. The gym in a bag gives me the edge over the competition! I am a student at the University Of Montana Western. The college gym is lacking in a lot of equipment that I need but with the bag, you can turn any gym into a great gym!”

Dustin Hanson



“I just wanted to let you know that I love, love, love my gym in a bag!!!  I have been using it for about 2 weeks and I am so happy with it.  It is so convenient and easy to use.  I am thrilled! I plan to write my review on my blog later this week or early next week.  Please let me know if you would like to do the giveaway at the same time.  Also, please let me know how to set up my blog to allow my readers to order the Gym In A Bag from my blog.”


Thank you again…

“I just wanted to thank you again for the Gym in a Bag. My client is very limited with what he can do and we don’t have much to work with so with some creativity, this is just perfect! He can’t fully extend his one triceps when there is resistance so I’ve connected both the cuffs to the bar and band and now he can do a full bilateral chest press. This is just one cool thing we’ve discovered 🙂 Again, thank you!”

Melissa Taylor

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