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Revolutionary Rehab Grip Free Technology

Take Rehabilitation…To The Next Level

The Flexsolate Rehab Essentials kits target shoulder and spinal rehabilitation. Our grip free technology has proven to heal and ease the pain of rehab patients.

Spinal And Shoulder Rehabilitation

With high-quality resistance bands and Flexsolate Patented Grip Free Technology

Included in each Shoulder Rehab Kit:
 Included in each Spinal Rehab Kit:

Why  Rehab Essentials?

  • What do experts say?

    With the Rehab Essentials Kit, you can target each muscle easily and effectively.

  • Grip Free Technology

    Flexsolate’s Patented Grip Free Technology givs you the ability to isolate and target each muscle. This improves rehab sessions by 400%! 

One more reason…


The resistance of our bands in poundage is measured after looping the bands through the door or wall anchor and having the band sit equally on either side. Once equal, as you stand away from the anchor, extend your hands until the band begins to pull. From that point on, every 2 feet of resistance will equal the amount of poundage listed below.

It’s time to get your life back…

Wholesale Discounts

We offer discounts for doctors, sports teams, and rehabilitation programs/centers.

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